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Landscape Documents

Rügen is primarily perceived as a landscape full of character on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. Behind this superficial reception, it was for centuries the sphere of influence of changing rulers and political systems. A place for incursion and defence, arrival and departure.
SIawian fortifications, traces of Danish and Swedish rule, 30-year war, National Socialist fantasies of omnipotence, nationalisation by the GDR government, reunification and development into one of Germany’s holiday strongholds left visible traces. Traces that can be read with open eyes like a book.
The layers of time visible in the Rügen landscape are the subject of the documentary inventory, the landscape documents.


Landscape Documents II

Arrival Stralsund, crossing the rugged coastal landscape via Dänholm and Strelasund to Rügen. Crossing of the island via the B96, the last section of the “Route96” from Saxony to Sassnitz, through the farmland of western Rügen. Stopover in Sassnitz on the journey to the north, ship passage to Klaipéda, Rønne and Trelleborg.
Arrival and departure, two headstrong characters, lovable and rough. Perceived by travellers only for a short time, a lot of independent character remains.