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Instant paradise

Myanmar’s culture and everyday life is closely intertwined with Buddhism. The cruel military regime, separatist struggles, racist attacks can do nothing to change this fact. A basic constant in all areas of life is the Buddhist way of life and mentality, in Myanmar closely connected with the Theravada school. To accept one’s fate is a principle. For the liberation of the individual each person is responsible for himself another. Since this state is hardly attainable in the present life, a lot of work is done to improve one’s own karma in order to reach the state of liberation in the next life or life after next. Good deeds, especially donations, are seen and accumulated as merit for the next life and form the basis for the Buddhist institutions such as kindergartens, schools, colleges and pagodas, which are financed in such large numbers.
The shape and form of the pagodas, peaceful atmosphere, atmospheric colour and magical soundscape offer a foreboding of the goal to be achieved, instant Paradise as a brief glimpse into the promise of the future.